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Program – Ristorante Osteria Da Fiore



Welcome buffet. Mara welcomes her students with a dinner buffet and drinks. Presentation of the program, an explanation of the week’s agenda: classes, meals, tours, and more. Distribution of materials. Mara hands over everything you need: cooking utensils, books (The da Fiore Cookbook), the program, and guide to Venetian resources. Presentation of supplementary programs. Interested in getting out of the kitchen to explore Venice for an afternoon? We’ve organized guided visits to various Venetian museums, the best glass factories, local wine bars, and much more….


Visit to Rialto, Venice’s famous fish and produces market. As you tour the market with Mara, you’ll learn about our local seafood, fruit, and vegetables, and how to select them. Lunch at Restaurant da Fiore.


Four hours of lessons plus lunch, as written in following explanation.

Fish, Shellfish and Crustacean: you’ll learn how to clean and prepare Venice’s seafood specialties, such as octopus, mantis shrimp, squid, shrimp, baby shrimp, spider crab (grancevole), sea bass (branzino), turbot (rombo), mussels, soft shell crab, sardine, red mullet, tuna, and cod (baccala).

Bread and Pasta: you’ll learn how to prepare the Veneto’s famous pasta dishes and breads, such as egg pasta ribbons (taglioni), whole wheat pasta (bigoli), filled pastas (ravioli), and gnocchi made with spinach, pumpkin, chestnuts, and potatoes. You’ll learn the distinctions between hard and soft wheat flower, and prepare typical dishes made with semolina pasta.

Risotto: Mara’s risotto is famous in Venice and beyond. You’ll learn about the history of rice, and the method and equipment necessary to perfect your risotto technique.

Vegetables: you’ll learn techniques for preparing Venice’s local produce, like radicchio, baby artichokes, pumpkins, and more.

Sweets: learn the secrets of i dolce tipici Veneziane – typical Venetian sweets – as well as some of the more contemporary desserts that are so popular at Restaurant da Fiore.

Wines: you will learn about Veneto region’s Vine and the most popular wines in Italy from Restaurant da Fiore’s cellar.

Italian cheese: learn about Italy’s artisanal cheeses in this demonstration and tasting, paired with some of the Veneto’s famous dessert wines.


Distribution of the Certification of Participation and a farewell.