It ranges over traditional dishes interpreted in a modern and lighter key, to original receipts peculiar of the restaurant. These are characterized by a prominent use of the most demanded first seasonal fruits and vegetables, combined in a sure and well-balanced matching not intended to impress at all costs.

Among the most famous dishes exquisite are the bass in balsamic vinegar and the tunny-fish with rosemary flavour, the risotto and the “molecche” (tipical Venetian food), wich are the favourites of demanding gourmets.

Much relished are the entrees of raw fish and the vast and selected cakes choice – a valid alternative to the cheese trolley – of which really tempting are the chocolate-pie and the lemon and liquorice sorbet.

Also noticeable are the cellar, where there is a good selection of the most demanded Italian (about 300 famous labels) and French choice wines. Very interesting are the selection of grappas, cognacs and whiskys.