Mara Martin is an extraordinary cook who has enchanted Italian as well as International diners over the past twenty-five years. Her talents have awarded her worldwide recognition.

Mara’s recipes and methods are truly unique, inspired by her own creativity as well as the rich gastronomic tradition of the Veneto — particularly that of Venice. La Cucina Veneziana’s history hinges upon the Republic’s dominance of the sea, where the East met the West and the city inherited culinary customs and ingredients from civilizations across the globe. The same international spirit that influenced Venice’s great artists, transformed its chefs:


The art of Mara’s cooking is a special combination of enduring tradition and invention. As a young girl, Mara apprenticed with her grandmother, a celebrated chef in her home town who catered banquets for special occasions. In observing these activities, Mara learned the skills that would one day be awarded with a prestigious Michelin Star.

The secret of Mara’s success in the kitchen is simple, however. It lies in the tastes and culinary wisdom that have been handed down through generations, as every mother teaches her own children. Her passion and dedication resulted in Mara’s cooking being defined as the “new gastronomic art” of today’s Venice: A confluence of the great tradition of Italian cooking – particularly the cooking of the region of Veneto – made “universal” with contemporary international references geared to modern appetites. Today, “Da Fiore” is synonymous with tradition, but also with elegance and innovation. Here, you can relish Venetian’s inimitable aromas and tastes that have withstood the test of time.

Mara Martin begins every day in the kitchen, making bread. She says it gives her concentration and at the same time, relaxation, inspiration, and meditation. It is almost a spiritual moment.